The process to order a house might be complicated, but not in this case!


  • Select the size - order form
  • Layout
  • Finishes/colour (interior and exterior)
  • Extras


  • Select the size
  • Be connected with the SMEFFO team
  • 50% deposit to reserve a place in the queue
  • Last payment of 50% when the house has been made


  • Prepare land with foundation points and connections
  • Inform the SMEFFO team about building site details
  • You should only need to retrieve the following local government approvals:
  1. Approval from the government to install a house on your land
  2. To allow SMEFFO to install a house module on foundation points


  • Be prepared for house installation
  • Follow the building process
  • Big day crane set at your site ready to install a house in place, tie to connections, apply exterior final touches

Production time